You’re kicking over-drinking to the curb…

Get ready to feel Alive AF!
(alcohol-free or as f^#k)
with a stop over-drinking
support kit

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You’re kicking over-drinking
to the curb…

Get ready to feel Alive AF!
(alcohol-free or as f^#k)
with a quarterly support toolkit

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You've Decided...

...the every-night drinking that starts with a glass of wine while cooking dinner needs to stop. (The next morning just isn’t fun and this pattern is making you feel like you’re stuck.)

Now you might think that this is going to be hard and you don’t know how to find your footing on your new path. But you’re ready to do the hard work of digging deep and changing habits.

You know you’re ready to make the change…

...but you’re not sure you have the tools you need when it’s been a loooooong day and that nightly glass (or 4 of wine) is calling your name.

You need an arsenal of tools to treat yourself and reward your hard work that don’t include alcohol. Even better if it has been hand-picked, vetted, and delivered right to your door by someone who's been down this path before!

Introducing the stop over-drinking support box to help you feel good and stay motivated as you stop over-drinking …

Alive AF! Stop Over Drinking Support Kits
Alive AF! Stop Over Drinking Support Kits
Alive AF! Stop Over Drinking Support Kits
Alive AF! Stop Over Drinking Support Kits
Alive AF! Stop Over Drinking Support Kits
Alive AF! Stop Over Drinking Support Kits

From Coach Angela Mascenik LLC

Alive AF! Stop Over Drinking Support Kits

Your stop over-drinking and start living one-time ship stop over drinking support kit with special price

Certified Stop Over Drinking Coach, Angela Mascenik, presents this one-time ship Stop Over Drinking Support Kit jam-packed full of tools and treats to help you stay motivated on the path to stop over-drinking.  [NEXT SHIP DATE: OND DEMAND]

In this box you’ll find awesome items like:

  • A book that Angela has found inspiring, useful, and motivational in helping you bring awareness to your journey and provide useful tools to help you get on the right path
  • Handy tools like journals with daily prompts to help you re-connect with yourself, uncover your thoughts, and keep track of progress on your journey
  • Sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages that will make you feel just as cool as your favorite glass of wine
  • A curated selection of luxurious self-care items that make you feel amazing and alive AF!

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Hey, I’m Angela

your stop over-drinking coach ready to help you feel Alive AF!

For 20-years, I over-drank, and tried everything under the sun to control it. But it wasn’t until I did the internal work and found tools that would support me, that I FINALLY stopped over-drinking.

Which is why I created my signature stop over-drinking and start living coaching programs, to help other women free themselves from the over-drinking wash, rinse, repeat cycle and start feeling ALIVE.

Through trial and error and A LOT of product testing in my own journey, I found support materials like journals, teas, skin care products and tasty non-alcoholic beverages that could support me and my goals to stop over-drinking.

Beyond being a stop over-drinking coach, I’m a mother to three, wife, world traveler, coffee-lover, and an adventure seeking nature nut, who loves cuddling with my 2 rescue dogs and cat.

I’m sure you’re just as multi-faceted, but feeling like the cycle of over-drinking is dulling your shine. Which is exactly why I launched the Alive AF! Your Stop Over-Drinking Support Kit to bring a curated collection of support materials straight to your door quarterly.

I’ve continued to use these amazing self care products to stay alcohol-free for almost 5 years and I’d love to have you join me!

I’m ready to feel Alive AF!

My journey lead me from...

The Alive AF! Your Stop Over-Drinking Support Kit is for you if…

Want to have a beautiful, vibrant tool kit that is just for you, because you realize that you need to start paying attention to what YOU need and desire for once.

Forming new daily habits like journaling is something you want to do and understand how helpful it can be to move the needle towards your goals.

Your reading list could use books to inspire and help you understand you’re not alone with your struggles.

Non-alcoholic beverages sound like a fun and refreshing way to find a new favorite sipper!

You want to carve out some special time for yourself so you can learn to relax and feel ALIVE without needing alcohol, and you recognize YOU DESERVE TO DO THIS FOR YOURSELF.

You’re putting in the hard work to make a REAL change in your life. You deserve the peace of mind to know that you’re taken care of every few months with a new box of awesomeness to delight and support you on your journey.

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is it your time to start feeling Alive AF?!

If you’re ready to stop over-drinking and start feeling ALIVE, this box is an amazing arsenal of tools to help you stay motivated, build new habits, and learn about yourself and your patterns.

As someone who has seen the impact of building a better relationship with alcohol in my own life and the lives of thousands of women, I’m SO EXCITED for the Alive AF! Trial Box to help you see all the ways you can have healthy pleasure through smells, touch, taste, and seeing the beauty that is IN us and around us.

There’s a limited supply of boxes, so grab yours now while supplies last!

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